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Κυριακή, 26 Μαΐου 2013

Corinth canal crossing

Arwen ,our beloved Elan 340 will be executing two Corinth Canal and Rio Bridge crossings this year . One from Kalamaki 08/06/2013 to Lefkas 15/06/2013 and the other from Lefkas 07/09/2013 to Kalamaki 14/09/2013.
Crew will have the opportunity to learn all necessary skills of delivering a yacht from the Aegion to the Ionean and back. The trip appeals to eligible skippers or cruising orientated sailors .

The Eligible Skippers are expected to do the following  :
Yacht take over and hand over : Not only the yacht and its equipment but the provisions, victuals and navigational records too.

Crew briefing: Dietary needs, medical history ,sailing experience.

Safety briefing : safety equipment, corse of action in an emergency. 

Victuals: Make a menu, brake down to provisions and make a storage plan.

Weather considerations: weather forecast related to the area we sail.

Navigational considerations: prepare the next leg taking into account navigational hazards, ETA, weather, crew ability, boat ability, notices to mariners etc.

Trip execution: Each candidate acting as skipper, at his wach should do the following.Navigate without the use of GPS, fill the log book every hour, run the ship, observe the rules of the road, organize the crew and the watch system and be prepared to answer any question the skipper might ask at any given time. 

The aim of the corse :The aim of the corse is to provide potential skippers with local knowledge of the most important charter rout of the Ionean .


Please note that this is not a pleasure cruise. It is a real hands on experience and there is allot of work in it.

Candidates must know well the art of costal navigation. Skipper will help but there is not enough time to learn the basics.

Legs will be longer and harder than expected (12-27 hours)
At the end of the trip a sea service certificate will be given according to each member's possition and experience. 
There is only room for 3 on board so please contact ΑΝΟΙΑΘ as soon as possible.

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