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Τρίτη, 17 Απριλίου 2012

Delivery dates for 2012

It is now official.

Arwen will need crew for the following deliveries.

1. 12/5/2012 Athens to Lavrion (over day)

2. 26/05/2012 Lavrion to Athens (over day)

3. 07/07/2012 Athens to Lavrion (over day)

4. 21/07/2012 Lavrion to Athens (over day)

5. 11/08/2012 Athens to Lavrion (over day)

6. 01/09/2012 Layrion to Corfou (1 week)

7. 22/09/2012 Lefkas to Kalamaki (1 week)

If any of the crew want their trip logged they must present a log book.

For those interested please contact Arwen's skipper 

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