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Δευτέρα, 28 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Arwen's sail training duties

Arwen our beloved Elan 340 will be operated off season as a ''training vessel'' for Arwen's crew.

The schedule is as follows:

Everyone, of Arwen's crew, will be asked to prepare and execute a sailing trip (in the RYA way) in home waters as if  he, or she, was the owner-skipper of Arwen.

To be more specific:

Each person of Arwen's crew must look at the weather forecast, and choose the wright weekend to embark, file the passage plan to the skipper (an approved RYA/MCA/Yachtmaster Ocean skipper) for approval, inspect the yacht, contact and choose the crew, and finally go through the hole process of departure with the local coastguard.

And because this is not enough, he or she, must execute the passage plan after presenting it to the skipper before departure, taking into account all navigational and safety considerations including creating, filling the log book and running the ship to it's intending destination and back !

For the first trip Nikos Konstantinou will be held as our skipper ... so keep in touch with him !

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